NALT for Energy and Alertness

NALT Overview:

With many studies showing that the majority of Americans are overworked, a number of people would welcome something that helps increase energy levels. Of course, it is also important to use only all-natural sources that are completely safe. NALT shows promise in the energy arena. But what exactly is NALT and how does it work? What benefits are offered?


The official name of NALT is N Acetyl L-Tyrosine. It is an all-natural derivative of L-Tyrosine, a non-essential aminoNALT for energy and alertnessacid. This substance is made from Phenylethylamine or PEA. Interestingly enough, PEA is another closely-related amino acid. Tyrosine is also found in a number of foods including meat, fish, eggs, nuts, beans, wheat, oats, and dairy products.

How does NALT Work?

As an energy booster, NALT works by helping to produce two powerful brain chemicals, noradrenaline and dopamine. These chemicals are primarily responsible for mood and movement. This effect helps users to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety as well as improving mood and induces a feeling of general well-being.

Many studies have also indicated that NALT result in an increase in excitement. Neural receptors within the brain are either inhibitory (reducing activity) or excitatory (increasing activity). Those which increase activity, such as those affected by NALT, are usually responsible for improving energy, alertness, mental energy, and improving mood.

NALT Additional Benefits

In addition to helping to boost mood and energy levels, NALT has evidence to support that it may increase focus and concentration. It may even help to release a hormone in the stomach that has been shown to be helpful at controlling appetite. This release could be great help for those looking to diet more effectively or better control their weight.

Several studies have also shown NALT to be effective at increasing blood flow and improving circulation in the body. These benefits may also lead to a reduction in blood pressure, especially for those who are already experiencing periods of high stress.

This supplement is also very fast-acting and capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier. Evidence also supports that it may have an effect on improving memory and general cognition. There are even some researchers who feel this supplement might also act as an antioxidant and potentially help to protect neurons within the brain.

NALT Dosage

The recommended dosage for NALT is 350 mg about 30-45 minutes before any acute stressor like exercise.

Reduce stress and elevate your mood with NALT

Stress and low moods can create havoc in your body, brain, and life and there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of sources these days. When the body is under stress it goes into survival mode and stops performing at its best. Mental, physical, and emotional functions all suffer when stress is prevalent and the long term effects can be lethal. The body does havestress relief natural ways to combat stressful situations, however.  One of the main neurotransmitters produced in the brain that help elevate mood and improve brain function in many ways is dopamine [1]. Amongst other things, dopamine is responsible for mood, memory, body movement, and attention. While dopamine occurs naturally in the brain, you can help maximize the levels with proper supplementation. NALT (N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine) is one of the most efficient supplements for boosting dopamine production.

How does NALT work?

NALT is a more bioavailable derivative of l-tyrosine, a non-essential amino acid that can be taken in through food or synthesized by the body [2]. NALT works by increasing neurotransmitter levels in the brain, primarily the important neurotransmitter mentioned above: dopamine.  Dopamine controls a wide range of functions in the brain, but primarily gives you an overall sense of wellbeing. Suboptimal levels of dopamine can adversely affect your brain’s reward system and leave you feeling down or depressed. In fact, severe dopamine deficiency is linked to serious medical conditions [1]. Stress also reduces the body’s ability to synthesize chemicals appropriately, so during periods of stress all the effects of deficiencies in essential neurotransmitters like dopamine can be magnified, causing you to feel even more stressed out, overwhelmed, and helpless.

What are the benefits of NALT?

Since NALT promotes the formation of dopamine in the brain, it’s a popular supplement in the health community for naturally elevating mood. Users of NALT report a sense of attentive relaxation, a general sense of well being or feeling good and an ability to focus more intently on and enjoy projects or tasks that they may not have been able to before (this could be attributed to an increase in dopamine since dopamine is an important part of the brain’s reward mechanism). The positive effects of NALT supplementation are further enhanced when stressful conditions arise. As you can imagine, being able to relax and not overreact when you are under emotional or physical stress is very valuable. You can think more clearly, plan out your next actions more effectively, and cope with situations better. Through the elevation of dopamine and other chemicals in the brain, NALT supplementation may help improve memory and mental performance under stressful situations like fatigue, times of grief , prolonged work, or sleep deprivation.

How should you take NALT?

Recommended dosages of quality NALT products begin between 100-150mg/day and increase up to 500mg/day depending on your stress levels and desired results. Since NALT affects dopamine levels, it’s imperative that you consult with your doctor before beginning a regimen of tyrosine, especially if you are already on any kind of medication to treat depression.