Relieve Stress and Improve Cognition With L-Theanine

Everybody experiences days where stress levels hit their peak. It is in times like these that everyone should have access to L-theanine, which is an amino acid that can take the anxiety and stress away from a hard day.

What exactly is L-Theanine?

A precise description would say that L-Theanine (also known as just Theanine) is an amino acid and a glutamic acid analog commonly found in green tea, and is widely used as a way to relieve both mental and physical stress [1]. A more simple answer would be that L-Theanine is used around the world (whether it be through drinks such as green tea or food such as chocolate) to help people feel relaxed, yet perked up [2].

How does L-Theanine work?

L-Theanine works by crossing the blood-brain barrier, and then increases the brain’s dopamine and alpha wave levels [3], which makes the user feel calm and at ease. On top of that, Theanine does not take long to kick in, with most users feeling better within moments of the theanine being digested [4].

What else should I know about L-Theanine Benefits?

It Helps With Short-term Memory

Studies have shown that L-Theanine is also capable of improving a user’s short term memory, and can have a significant effect on the general state of mental alertness or arousal [5]. This evidence was obtained through tests which compared human electroencephalograph (EEGs) levels, which in the end showed that L-Theanine had a direct effect on brain wave levels.

It Can Increase Attention Span Levels

When tested, L-Theanine showed that at realistic dietary levels it could manage to improve alpha levels, which are known to play an important role in critical aspects of attention span levels.

Boost Mood levels and reduce anxiety

In a manner similar to caffeine [6], theanine can boost the mood of its user, and can do so without providing the excess of energy that caffeine provides.

No harmful psychological or physical effects [7]

In several tests, L-Theanine proved to have no adverse side effects on the brain of its test subjects. In fact, in some test subjects, the usage of L-Theanine proved to have neuroprotective properties, which actually helped slow the damage of afflictions such as spine and brain damage [8].

Tests and consumers from around the world have testified to the positive results of L-Theanine. With its ability to stimulate the mind while simultaneously relaxing the mind, it’s no wonder Theanine so popular.








Theanine for Anxiety Reduction

Anxiety affects a reported 4 million people nationwide and doesn’t show any signs of slowing. Chances are you or someone you know has dealt with anxiety on a daily basis. Whether you have severe anxiety troubles or just occasionally feel tense, there are numerous products on the market to assist you. The downside, however, is that many of them can be dangerous, addictive, or expensive. When offering advice for anxiety troubles, there is one natural supplement often overlooked that has been used for hundreds of years to safely provide a calming effect without breaking the bank. You can buy theanine supplement for as little as around $2 online.

L-theanine is an amino acid that is naturally found in tea [1]. L-theanine easily crosses the blood-brain barrier and has the wonderful psychoactive properties of reducing psychological and physiological stress [2]. When it enters the brain, l-theanine inhibits the transmitters in the brain that cause anxiety and increase dopamine levels. Generally speaking, theanine reduces anxiety and improves your sense of wellbeing. Individuals use theanine supplement to reduce anxiety on a daily basis. It is interesting to note that l-theanine has been shown to increase alpha brain waves [3]. These are the waves produced by the brain when it’s functioning at an optimal state for wakeful relaxation, so l-theanine actually impacts how your brain works.

With a reduction in anxiety and an overall calming effect come multiple benefits. For day-to-day activities, you can expect to go through them in a calmer, relaxed state and with improved brain function. After taking l-theanine, some users reported feelings of calmness in situations where they would normally feel anxious. In fact, it’s so effective at reducing general anxiety, it was shown in clinical trials to reduce anxiety even in patients with schizophrenia [4]. L-theanine can also be taken in conjunction with caffeine to help smooth the caffeine jitters and produce a sense of relaxed focus. The relaxing properties aren’t limited to the daytime either. Theanine supplement can be taken in the evening to calm your mind and help you fall asleep faster.

In addition to reducing anxiety, there are a number of emerging clinical and anecdotal benefits of l-theanine. These include [3]:

  • Improved immune system function
  • Enhanced memory and learning
  • Protection of neurons in the brain
  • Improved efficacy of cancer treatments
  • Reduced body fat percentage
  • Lower blood pressure

How Should You Take L-Theanine?

While a small amount of l-theanine can be consumed by drinking green and black tea, the amounts are too minimal to achieve maximum effectiveness. Supplementing l-theanine via capsules or powders is the best way to achieve the best results. Dosage varies from person to person, but start by taking 50mg once or twice a day and increasing until you feel a reduction in anxiety or an increase in your calmness. Many users like to use 100mg 3-4 times daily. High theanine dosages have been safely tested on rats in clinical trials with no adverse effects, so safety at these dosages shouldn’t be a primary concern.






Stress: Effects on the Body, Well-Being and Ideas for De-Stressing

It is no secret that today’s fast pace of life has led to an increase in stress. Actually, stress is really just the body’s reaction to any change or stimulus which requires a response. The problem is that many times we place so many changes or stimuli that our body ends up reaching a state of constant stress and is unable to change or react properly. Whether this is due to being too busy, having too many pressures at home, school or work, it is also no secret that stress can lead to a number of effects on the body and our well-beingmeditation

Effects of Stress:

As we begin having a build up stress, our body will become overworked and tension increases. This can lead to a number of physical effects, including fatigue and trouble sleeping. This can further lead to things such as headaches, upset stomach, elevated blood pressure, chest pain and even trouble relaxing.

The harmful effects of stress are compound when we attempt to relieve these symptoms by unnatural or chemical means. Use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs can continue the downward spiral and lead to even more harmful effects. The sad fact is that using these chemicals or toxins actually keep the body in an overly stressed state and worsen things!

There are also a number of facts to consider about stress. Were you aware that a full three quarters of all doctor visits are for stress related issues? Stress can even play a role in heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, anxiety and emotional problems.

 Ideas for De-Stressing:

Obviously, no one wants to remain in a stress induced state or illness for very long. There are a number of things we can do to help. One of the easiest and most beneficial is to begin a well thought out supplement program. The main thing is to make sure that everything you take is all-natural.

One of the most common issues related to stress is insomnia, or difficulty sleeping and relaxing. For this, some ideas are:

  • Phenibut Powder
  • Theanine Supplements
  • Beta Phenylethylamine

Another often report stress related symptom is frequent headaches. This can be remedied by some simple, all-natural solutions, such as:

  • B Vitamins (especially B6 and B2)
  • Omega 3s (i.e. Fish Oil)

In those who have been experiencing stress for a longer period of time, it is possible to have anger, anxiety or even a poor mood. Some ideas for help in these cases are:

  • L-Theanine
  • Phosphatidylserine Supplement
  • Taurine

Bottom Line:

You do not have to accept an over abundance of stress as simply a normal way of life. Instead try to do something about it by focusing on your specific stress-related symptoms and these all-natural supplements.

The Perfect Mood Enhancement Stack

Have you been experiencing more and more stress recently? Possibly this has effected your mood also. Unfortunately, there are a number of factors which can combine to make us feel poorly or just ‘down in the dumps.’ An overly busy or stressful life is a particularly common cause. Anyone who is too busy may lack the time to exercise or even eat a proper, well-balanced diet. If this is your situation, then you may want to consider a natural mood enhancement stack to combat all of these effects.relaxation and mood stacks

The Idea of Supplement Stacks:

Supplement stacks are not a new idea. Body builders, weight lifters and other athletes have been using these ideas for a long time. The idea behind these stacks is to combine different supplements to help you gain a desired benefit. The components of each stack should work very well alone, but when combined they will have a synergistic effect.

When talking about a mood enhancement stack, there are generally two sides to the story. In addition to finding supplements which will help to enhance overall mood, it can also be helpful to look at ingredients which stimulate the production of calming agents or chemicals within the brain.

Phenibut Powder:

The first ingredient in our mood enhancement stack is Phenibut powder. This supplement attacks the issue of mood enhancement directly by crossing the blood-brain barrier. From this point it is believed to actually help increase the production of dopamine (and also block the action of dopamine receptors) and acetylcholine. Both of these powerful brain chemicals help to produce feelings of relaxation, lowered anxiety and even overall well-being.

L-Theanine Supplements:

This is an amino acid that is also one of the main ingredients found in green tea. Theanine acts as a calming agent, helping to reduce what scientists call brain “excitability.” This has tremendous effects for those who experience the feeling of having a racing mind or always having a number of unwanted thoughts and ideas. It is absorbed primarily through the intestines, making its effects slower, but also more even and a bit longer lasting.

5-HTP Supplements:

5-HTP should normally take a few hours to kick in. It is a natural compound which converts into serotonin in the brain. It has been shown to be helpful in cases of mood, appetite, and impulse control. Those who have anxiety or racing thoughts will also notice more direct results.

Bottom Line:

This mood enhancement supplement stack is perfect for everyone. Even if you are just looking for a little help to relax, you will see strong results. Best of all, It has a number of different benefits, including being able to focus and think more clearly.

L-theanine for Anxiety

I am on my third month of L-theanine usage and now find it indispensable. By nature I am internally extremely anxious.stress supplements

I worry too much when I drive, I’m a helicopter, overly safety conscious dad with my child and routinely do things like panic at the checkout to the point of my heart racing because my wallet was in a different pocket in my cargo pants and I have a mini panic attack while I’m checking successive pockets.

L-Theanine Effects

The first day I had theanine supplement was excellent, I had to drive in a busy,  unfamiliar section of the city, in the rain and on a tight schedule, normally this would have me stuck in my lane, panicking about each parked car I had to negotiate around and missing opportunities to change lanes and go through signals out of caution with annoyed drivers behind me but instead found myself aware of all the traffic around me , not sweating like I normally would, cruising into the correct lane and with no issue finding my destination. I take theanine with my tea or coffee (stirred into a little boiling water at the bottom of the cup before the rest goes in) and find I am mentally sharp, quick to respond but free of the jittery panic that coffee can normally produce. I ensure I have the theanine I have put into capsules in a jar in my work bag and I keep my bag of loose powder right next to the kettle so I can never forget to have it in the morning with my drink. My dad tends towards anxiety just like I do and based on observing the change in me has ordered his own supply, I haven’t seen my father this cheery before or being such a relaxed grandfather to my daughter, she has gone from avoiding him because of his fixed furrowed brow to running and throwing her arms around his knees!

The effects of theanine have only stacked and multiplied over time, not only am I less anxious in a given moment, I now carry less anxiety because over the previous week I will have acted more calmly and confidently in all manner of situations and thus I have contentment about how I am conducting myself instead of mild regret and the anxious ball of stress I was in the past before I started having L-theanine daily.

With theanine, I had the benefit of improved sleep. This was highly unexpected but greatly enjoyed. For the last two years I have taken either melatonin or valerian sleep aids which were indeed effective but perhaps not ideal for years of supplementation, its now two months since I needed to take either, the theanine appears to deepen my sleep and ensure I have no worry ticking over in my head when I hit the sack, it’s a keeper!