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2017 UPDATE Summary on Picamilon:
In late 2015, the FDA took action on dietary supplements containing picamilon and is no longer considering this ingredient a supplement. Several warning letters were sent to vendors selling products with this ingredient.


Finding a solution to manage the persistent stress and anxiety brought on by life’s ever increasing list of duties and challenges can be difficult. Some individuals who suffer under the weight of these feelings want help but don’t know where to turn.

Luckily, there is a healthy, natural approach to combating an increased sense of anxiety and high levels of stress, a supplement combination called Picamilon.

Picamilon: What is it?

Picamilon is a dietary supplement formed by the combination of Niacin and GABA.

GABA, a scientifically classified amino acid that plays the part of an essential neurotransmitter in the central nervous system, helps to decrease heightened levels of neurotransmitter activity.

Niacin, an organic compound necessary to the function of the human body, helps to protect the body’s neurons against the loss of blood flow. This compound also makes it possible for GABA to easily cross the blood-brain barrier, something it cannot normally do.

Since Picamilon easily crosses the blood-brain barrier, the user feels the effects of the supplement faster and in a much more efficient manner that with some other supplements. It also works much more effectively at increasing cerebral blood flow than either Niacin or GABA do on their own. [2]

Picamilon’s FDA Crackdown in 2015

In late 2015, the FDA banned Picamilon from being sold as a dietary supplement. Many speculate that this was done by the FDA to set a precedent. This would then make it easier to ban future synthetic compounds or NDI (new dietary ingredients) from being sold as dietary supplements.

This theory is built on the foundation that picamilon wasn’t proven to be harmful, yet the government chose to target it.

In late 2016, the FDA then targeted vinpocetine, which is usually found in its synthetic form. Unlike picamilon, vinpocetine can be derived from a natural source: vincamine, which is an extract from a periwinkle plant. However, most sources are synthetic since it’s far cheaper to synthesize this product.

What’s troublesome about the FDA’s vinpocetine proposal is that they do not target the product’s potentially synthetic sources, but instead, claim that vincpoetine is marketed as a drug.

The FDA claims vinpocetine is “reportedly” marketed as preventing motion sickness, seizure disorders, hearing and eye disorders, and other medical conditions.

However, this isn’t the case if you browse stores in the top Google search results. For example, Swanson and PipingRock both market vinpocetine for its memory and concentration benefits.

Where to buy Picamilon in 2018?

There are only a few online stores left that sell this product. You may find several, but the only one I found that was trustworthy is NewMind. They third party test their products and will send you the lab results upon request.

LiftMode, the sister company of NewMind, is forced to sell picamilon as a research product due to the ingredient’s expulsion from the definition of a dietary supplement.

Another option, although pricier, is CosmicNootropic. I’m unsure if they conduct third-party testing, but they receive plenty of praise on reddit. This branded source of picamilon is from Russia and seems to be sold as a drug.

Picamilon Benefits

Picamilon works by crossing the blood-brain barrier so that it can be broken down into its base components of Niacin and GABA. Many researchers believe that GABA deficiency plays a large role in the development of depression and panic disorders.

However, since GABA cannot cross the blood-brain barrier alone, the addition of the supplement Picamilon can solve such deficiencies.

Picamilon for Anxiety

Once this supplement hydrolyzes, the compounds promptly begin performing their different beneficial functions. The activation of the human body’s GABA receptors which provide the calming effects desired when dealing with anxiety, is one such example.

There are many positive picamillon side effects including anxiety reliefPicamilon also helps to increase blood flow to and within the brain, which subsequently provides another tranquilizing effect. This effect counteracts different physiological symptoms and is especially effective in individuals suffering from varying states of anxiety.

Unlike other methods of dealing with anxiety, Picamilon avoids the commonly associated sedative effects such as drowsiness and lethargy. [3]

The compound Niacin works to vasodilate, or to widen, the blood vessels for easier circulation which also decreases blood pressure, associated pains, and the chronic migraines many anxiety sufferers experience.

Additionally the supplement works to decrease other symptoms associated with high stress levels such as poor concentration, fatigue, restlessness, and irritability.

Other benefits of Picamilon include [1,2,3]:

  • Improves muscle strength retention and proper function
  • Promotes eye health
  • Lowers “bad cholesterol” or LDL levels
  • Can assist in improving ability to sleep

Picamilon Side Effects

Surprisingly, Picamilon has very few, if any negative effects on humans. Studies have shown that it produces no allergenic, teratogenic, embryotoxic or carcinogenic effects on subjects given the subject over those given placebo supplements. [2]

Unlike some other anxiolytic supplements, Picamilon is also shown to be less likely to present problems related to tolerance buildup, withdrawal, and addiction. [3]

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Also noted in similar studies, ” The use of Picamilon in depression, along with moderate doses of tricyclic antidepressants, enabled the doses of the latter to be reduced. In patients with alcoholism, Picamilon abolished many withdrawal symptoms, especially apathy, weariness and lethargy. The patients later become more tranquil, less fussy and anxious, and their working capacity improved.” [2]

Picamilon Dosage

As mentioned above, Picamilon is considered a very safe supplement, with a low chance of increasing liver toxicity. The standard dosage range tends to fall between 50-300 mg per day, which can be split throughout the day. Picamilon tends to work best when taken on an empty stomach and its effects will usually last from 2 to 4 hours. [4]

Like with many supplement, the best way to determine your ideal dosage is to start at the smallest recommended amount and increase from there. Often this will mean taking a single capsule, usually around 150 mg, but this supplement can also be purchased in bulk powder form if you would like to customize your dosage.

Picamilon can be found online, if you decide that you would like to experience the benefits of this supplement firsthand.

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