Phenibut for Anxiety and Relaxation

Phenibut Anxiety no moreTry Phenibut for Anxiety: A Safer Alternative to Prescription Medication

Parties, holidays and social gatherings can be rough if you suffer from social anxiety or have a hard time relaxing around groups. Even if you want to be around friends and family, you could have a hard time enjoying yourself. Some people dangerously combat social anxiety with alcohol, which can lead to disastrous results. Prescription drugs are another option, but have their own well-documented drawbacks such as drowsiness. A safer, more holistic treatment is phenibut. Phenibut is a nutritional supplement that has been used for decades to safely ease people into social situations and help them relax while promoting optimal brain function instead of damage.

What is phenibut and how does it work?

Phenibut was discovered in the 1960’s and is a derivative of GABA, a neurotransmitter in the nervous system. GABA is a compound found in the brain that has been shown to produce a calming effect¬† by inhibiting certain neurons in the brain[1]. The specificities of the phenibut allow it to cross the blood-brain barrier more effectively than GABA alone. So what does this actually mean? It means phenibut essentially slows down the part of your brain that makes you feel anxious, uptight and tense.

Phenibut For Anxiety:

  • Elimination of insomnia – As anyone that suffers from insomnia knows, it’s difficult to relax when your mind is racing. Phenibut calms your mind and helps you drift off more easily.
  • Reduction in anxiety – This says it all: Phenibut is included in a Russian cosmonaut’s medical kit. They prefer phenibut over usual tranquilizers and anti-anxiety medication because it takes the edge off and doesn’t impair performance.
  • Treatment of stuttering – Phenibut helps remove the stress and anxiety that can cause stuttering
  • PTSD Treatment – Clinicians have used phenibut to treat PTSD in military workers and other trauma patients
  • Feeling of relaxation and wellbeing – Users have often described the effects of phenibut as feeling “slightly drunk, but with complete control”. This is the mood elevation that phenibut provides.

Phenibut Dosage for Anxiety

When starting with phenibut, a dose of 250mg is recommended [3]. Effects from different dosages can vary widely depending on weight, age, height and tolerance. The best way to determine your optimal dosage is to start low at 250mg, record the effects and slowly move up until you feel the optimal effects. You also want to schedule your dosage appropriately depending on your symptoms for example, taking it a couple hours before bed if you suffer from insomnia or a few hours before a party if you become anxious around groups of people. Since you can develop a tolerance to phenibut and reduce the effectiveness, it shouldn’t be used on a daily basis, instead cycle it on and off or use it only for specific situations.

If you feel like phenibut could be helpful, find a high-quality source and test it out today to start living a more relaxed and stress free life.  When you feel less anxious, your true happiness and more positive feelings can shine through!






David Johnson is a freelancer with an avid interest in supplements that help relax, enhance mood, and provide cognitive enhancement. Most days he can be found researching innovative ways to bring his readers sounder sleep, better moods, and more.