Inositol to Boost Mood

Boosting your mood may seem like an elusive task but rest assured there are supplement options that can accomplish just that. One supplement in particular, inositol, has shown to be very effective in elevating ones mood among other health benefits.inositol to boost mood

If you’re like me and have those days where you just can’t seem to get out of the house or even the bed, then inositol may be for you. A double-blind controlled study done by the Yehuda Abarbanel Mental Health Center in Israel looked at inositols potential for improving mood disorders. In this study the experiment group’s participants received 12g of inositol daily for four weeks and showed significant improvement in scores. The control group received a placebo and saw little to no change.

While I am not claiming in any fashion that inositol is the end all be all answer to mood disorders, it has shown to have mood elevating properties. So where does this supplement come from and how should you dose it effectively to boost your mood?

Inositol Defined

Inositol is a naturally occurring substance that is found in human cells and a number of fiber-rich foods that we eat every day including beans, brown rice, corn, wheat bran, and sesame seeds. Although a natural substance, inositol can be made in the lab and is available in supplement form. So now we have an idea of where it comes from but how exactly do we dose it effectively to boost our mood?

Inositol Dosage

Dosage is dependent on what your individual goals are in regards to taking inositol. There are two forms of inositol available in supplement form, powder and tablets with powder being the more expensive option. Also, with the powder form it may be more difficult to gauge your dosage. The tablet form is only slightly cheaper but it does make it easier to know exactly how much you’re taking. For those looking to take inositol in larger doses (upwards of 3000mg) the powder form is recommended as opposed to those just starting on the supplement in which case I recommend the tablets. In any case, dosage should be based on the information on your supplements packaging and individual response.

Whether you have social anxiety or are just feeling down in the dumps and need a pick me up, inositol may be that answer. No, it is not some miracle supplement for low moods or feeling sad but there is solid research behind the claims that inositol has the ability to raise one’s mood in a significant manner. With little to no side effects inositol deserves your attention if you are constantly seeking something to help with the everyday struggle that is life. You don’t have to take my word for it, there are plenty of inostiol reviews on the web.




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