Theanine Serene with Relora: Side Effects, Benefits, and Reviews

theanine serene with relora reviews for relaxationHow can we achieve relaxation without inducing sleep? How can we be active and productive while maintaining a state of relaxation? The combination of two supplements may be the answer you are looking for as Theanine Serene and Relora work together to produce a calm, relaxed, non-drowsy state of mind.

Make your own Theanine with Relora

If you find the branded version of Theanine Serene and Relora to be too expensive (usually around $0.25 per capsule), then you can make your own for less than half by using L-theanine powder and magnolia bark extract powder:
L-Theanine is around $15.93 or $0.13 per capsule (120 capsules for $14.75)
Magnolia Bark Extract with Honokiol and Magnolol – You can find this for around $10 per 25 grams on eBay or other online sources
Dosage and servings:
L-Theanine – 200mg
Magnolia bark extract (generic Relora) – 100mg
The above ingredients will provide 250 doses of magnolia bark extract (generic Relora) and 500 doses of L-theanine. So for less than the cost of the branded version, you get over double the ingredients if you decide to buy powders.

Theanine Serene with Relora and Stress

Today’s world features more high-stress and high-demand work environments than previously encountered.  This style of work leaves you feeling drained and robotic, and these feelings can lead to significant mood and health issues.

Say you are a college student who is paying his way through college via a part-time job.  Not only do you have to go to class during the day, but you also have to work at night and find some time to do homework.  You are left with minimal time to relax, and during the little time that you find, you have a difficult time reaching a relaxed state.

That’s where Theanine Serene can help.  This supplement allows you the flexibility to lead a busy student life and still find time to relax and unwind.  Leave your worries and fears behind.

Theanine Serene with Relora Ingredients

Theanine Serene is a supplement that is meant to calm brain activity, reduce tension, and relieve stress. Theanine Serene’s ingredients include magnesium, GABA, L-theanine, taurine, holy basil leaf extract, modified cellulose gum, colloidal silicon oxide, sorbitol, and stearic acid.

Though there is no direct research on Theanine Serene, the major active ingredients listed have extensive research validating their effectiveness to induce calmness or a state of relaxation. The combination of these ingredients is what makes Theanine Serene such a powerful supplement in the sleep/relaxation world.

If you are looking to promote sleep instead of just relaxation, then see our posts on stacking melatonin with L-theanine or L-theanine and GABA.

Ingredient Breakdown:

Theanine Benefits

L-theanine is an amino acid that promotes GABA production. Taking a supplement containing l-theanine induces relaxation, provides relief from anxiety, and promotes healthy sleeping patterns. Theanine is also a great supplement to pair with caffeine since this supplement counteracts the negative side effects experienced when taking stimulants. However, do not take caffeine within eight hours of bedtime.
If you’re looking for just L-theanine by itself, you can get the powder or encapsulated version from several online vendors.

Relora Supplement Benefits

Relora is a blend of two tree bark extracts. Relora supplementation has been used for centuries as a Chinese herbal remedy to alleviate stress. Relora decreases cortisol allowing the body and mind to function better in stressful situations. Relora supplementation also improves sleep, which prevents fatigue from sleep deprivation.
This is a patented version of magnolia bark extract. You can achieve similar effects with a generic magnolia bark extract, but this patented version also contains phellodendron, which is synergistic with magnolia bark. It also contains standardardized extracts so that the magnolia bark is gauranteed to have at least 1.5% Honokiol.
If you decide to take magnolia bark extract by itself, then take around 160 to 300mg if you’re under 150lbs, 200mg to 450mg if you’re 200lbs, and 250mg to 600mg if you’re over 250lbs.

GABA Benefits

GABA is an amino acid which is produced in the brain. GABA prevents over excitability, meaning it counteracts panic, stress, jitteriness, irritability, and insomnia.
The amount of GABA required for an effective dose is reduced when taken with magnolia bark extract since the extract increases GABAergic neurotransmission. Honokiol reduces the amount of a ligand required to activate GABA receptors.
Why is the above important? Oral supplementation of GABA by itself yields little benefit since your body is able to efficiently balance GABA levels in the body. However, taking GABA with a supplement containing honokiol will, in theory, increase its efficacy.

GABA, Theanine, and Relora Reviewed

As stated, these supplements combined are great for anxiety and stress relief. This supplement stack also provides many cognitive benefits including improved focus and memory retention. Supplementing with GABA, theanine, and Relora can also improve body composition by developing muscle tone, fighting off cortisol, and managing stress related weight gain.

Theanine Serene with Relora Benefits and Side Effects

Relora benefits mitigation against the effects of cortisol, thus reducing stress and stress induced eating. The two main relora ingredients are magnolia officinalis and phellodendron amurense bark; in addition, Relora is a kosher supplement. Both ingredients are natural and come from different trees.

As with Theanine Serene there is little research behind the product as a whole but the ingredients have shown promising results in stand-alone research.

By combining Theanine Serene and Relora you will be well on your way to attaining this elusive state of mind. Theanine Serene alone can be a very powerful stress reliever, but with the addition of Relora supplement, the stress reducing effects are not only boosted but the drowsiness that might come from the Theanine Serene is counteracted.

Theanine Serene and Relora supplement can be bought separately or you can purchase them as a pre-mixed formula. The addition of Theanine Serene and Relora to your program should be a gradual and carefully measured process. Although you are going for complete relaxation without the onset of drowsiness, these supplements are a great way to get a good night sleep and avoid stress induced eating.

Give Theanine Serene with Relora a try today and find your balance between alert relaxing calmness and uncontrollable drowsiness. As always, follow the instruction label on your supplement’s packaging and exercise caution when needed.

Buy Theanine Serene Online

If you are like me then you’re probably looking for a store that provides the best quality supplement and the best price for your needs. One site I come across frequently in my research, iherb sells Theanine Serene with Relora and has plenty of customer reviews for anecdotal evidence.

Looking at their theanine serene with relora reviews, they clearly have a heavy focus on customer service as well. Additionally, their prices are very competetive, making their product a clear winner in my estimation. Based on that, I plan on buying my Theanine Serene with Relora from them.


Glutamine for Energy

Whether you wake up every morning to a 5k run or if you find it harder and harder to get out of the bed in the morning everyone can benefit from an increase in energy. It may mean the difference between finishing that last set; it could mean getting that report in to your boss earlier than usual. If you find yourself suffering from a lack of energy in your day to day life or if you just want an extra boost to increase your fitness results then look no further. Glutamine supplementation is a healthy and natural method of increasing your overall energy levels, read on to get the full scoop.glutamine for energy

What is Glutamine?

Glutamine is one of the 20 naturally occurring amino acids existing in nutritional protein. It is considered a conditionally essential amino acid in that it becomes essential during bouts of intense endurance exercise or physical trauma. Additionally, in humans, glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid.

In summary glutamine is a form of an amino acid supplement that is non-stimulatory and provides a number of health benefits when supplemented correctly, particularly in those who may have a deficiency (of glutamine) and/or those who exercise regularly. Glutamine is sold as a stand-alone supplement, can be found in high levels in whey/casein protein and can also be found in different meats and eggs.

Functions of Glutamine

Glutamine as a supplement plays a key role in a variety of biomechanical functions including: protein synthesis (all 20 proteinogenic amino acids do this), regulation of acid-base balance in the kidneys (produces ammonium), cellular energy (what we’re after!), nitrogen donation for anabolic processes (more energy), carbon donation for citric acid cycle (even more energy), and the nontoxic transportation of ammonia .

Benefits of Supplementing Glutamine

The benefits of glutamine supplementation have a wide range of impact in the human body. What we want to focus on is how glutamine can help support a healthy and consistent increase in overall energy. This is achieved due to the fact that glutamine is the primary transporter of nitrogen for your muscle cells, meaning an increase in glutamine – specifically when levels are depleted through training – can help to return that energy lost. You may be familiar with the notion that the recovery process is one of the most important factors in making real and consistent progression; therefore through the use of glutamine we can give ourselves an important advantage that allows us to recharge more rapidly and increase overall output.

Glutamine Dosage

As with all supplements, dosage should be based on a combination of high attentiveness to your body’s personal response and the adherence to the information/warnings included with your products packaging. Standard adult dosage ranges from 5g -30g and is typically broken up into several smaller doses throughout the course of the day. If you are looking for a supplement to support an increase in overall energy levels, or are just focused on recovering as fast as possible so you can get back in the gym, glutamine supplementation is a great option that is hard to ignore.


Theanine and Inositol Combo for Anxiety

Everyone has experienced feelings of anxiety from time to time in their lives. For some it can be a crippling disorder that prevents us from living a happy and meaningful life, inducing panic attacks and intense bouts of worrying and fear. For others it may only be a fleeting feeling of tenseness or being on edge that won’t seem to go away no matter what you do. If you think you have tried it all I urge you to read on and discover the anxiety curbing effects that the combination of theanine and inositol can produce.

What is Theanine?worry-free supplements

Theanine is an amino acid that is commonly found in tea and to be more specific it can be found in high amounts in green tea. It is also available as an oral dietary supplement. It is commonly used as a nootropic in combination with caffeine as it produces a synergistic effect. In a number of double blind placebo controlled studies research has shown that supplementing theanine can have a direct influence on brain activity, reducing stress and relaxing the mind without causing drowsiness. In other studies, theanine benefits include improved memory and cognitive function as well as (ding ding!) reducing anxiety. To top it all off there are little to no side-effects that have been discovered from the result of supplementing theanine; even at the highest doses recorded. Therefore we can conclude the use of theanine is a viable option as a standalone anti-anxiety supplement, but we aren’t stopping there.

Inositol for Anxiety

So, what is inositol? Inositol is a chemical compound that is found in many foods; in particular fruit, especially cantaloupe and oranges. Inositol is created in your body when the phytic acid that is found naturally in foods such as seeds, nuts, legumes and whole grains interact with the bacteria in your digestive system. With its own mountain of research behind it inositol has been shown to reduce the frequency and severity of disorders that may stem from high levels of anxiety including panic attacks and mood disorders. In one double blind placebo controlled study researchers looked at subjects with lower than normal levels of inositol and administered doses accordingly, the results concluded that inositol supplementation was synonymous with lowered levels of depression and ultimately anxiety. Through the combination of these two supplements we can see the potential for a lowered overall state of anxiety.

Theanine and Inositol Dosage for Anxiety

As with all supplements it is important to find the correct dosage and to implement the supplement safely into your routine. Dosage amounts for theanine should be based on personal response but as always refer to your packaging for more information, a safe bet would to be stay under the 1000mg mark. As for inositol dosage, research has shown that 18g per day is safe but when combining with other supplements dosage should always be based off your personal response, as always refer to your products label for more information.


  2. Kimura K, Ozeki M, Juneja LR, et al. l-Theanine reduces psychological and physiological stress responses. Biol Psychol. 2006 Aug 21

Inositol to Boost Mood

Boosting your mood may seem like an elusive task but rest assured there are supplement options that can accomplish just that. One supplement in particular, inositol, has shown to be very effective in elevating ones mood among other health benefits.inositol to boost mood

If you’re like me and have those days where you just can’t seem to get out of the house or even the bed, then inositol may be for you. A double-blind controlled study done by the Yehuda Abarbanel Mental Health Center in Israel looked at inositols potential for improving mood disorders. In this study the experiment group’s participants received 12g of inositol daily for four weeks and showed significant improvement in scores. The control group received a placebo and saw little to no change.

While I am not claiming in any fashion that inositol is the end all be all answer to mood disorders, it has shown to have mood elevating properties. So where does this supplement come from and how should you dose it effectively to boost your mood?

Inositol Defined

Inositol is a naturally occurring substance that is found in human cells and a number of fiber-rich foods that we eat every day including beans, brown rice, corn, wheat bran, and sesame seeds. Although a natural substance, inositol can be made in the lab and is available in supplement form. So now we have an idea of where it comes from but how exactly do we dose it effectively to boost our mood?

Inositol Dosage

Dosage is dependent on what your individual goals are in regards to taking inositol. There are two forms of inositol available in supplement form, powder and tablets with powder being the more expensive option. Also, with the powder form it may be more difficult to gauge your dosage. The tablet form is only slightly cheaper but it does make it easier to know exactly how much you’re taking. For those looking to take inositol in larger doses (upwards of 3000mg) the powder form is recommended as opposed to those just starting on the supplement in which case I recommend the tablets. In any case, dosage should be based on the information on your supplements packaging and individual response.

Whether you have social anxiety or are just feeling down in the dumps and need a pick me up, inositol may be that answer. No, it is not some miracle supplement for low moods or feeling sad but there is solid research behind the claims that inositol has the ability to raise one’s mood in a significant manner. With little to no side effects inositol deserves your attention if you are constantly seeking something to help with the everyday struggle that is life. You don’t have to take my word for it, there are plenty of inostiol reviews on the web.



Schisandra to Boost Mood and Relieve Anxiety

Schisandra Berries

Many times we are faced with the dilemma of taking a supplement that can enhance our mood but may bring along anxiety and other unwanted side effects. So obviously the rational decision to make is to find a supplement that does not come burdened with such adverse effects or better a supplement that relieves anxiety as well as boosts your mood. This is where the schisandra berry comes in, a natural remedy for many common ailments throughout history, anxiety among them. So, where does this mysterious fruit that is also referred to as the five flavor berry come from, and what exactly is at work here to create such an effect?mood boosters

The schisandra berry grows on the schisandra chinensis vine which is mainly found in eastern Asia. The bioactive components can be found throughout the plant but are most concentrated in the berries; therefore they are what we will focus on in this analysis of the fruit. No, nobody expects you to fly half way around the world (depending on where you are located!) to obtain the schisandra berry just as nobody expects you to import such a delicate fruit from some foreign country. Rest assured, the extract of this berry is what we are after and can be found fairly easily in most regions of the world.

Schisandra Benefits

Research surrounding schisandra is fairly conclusive in the fact that it is a powerful anti-anxiety supplement in addition to its ability to boost ones mood through lowering stress levels and enhancing performance in many facets of life. The Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Natural Products concluded through animal research that regular ingestion of the schisandra extract lead to a reversal in stress-related anxiety as well as an increase in cognitive function in subjects.  The schisandra berry is a classic example of a fruit that demonstrates adaptogenic activity, which means it is completely safe, non-toxic and specifically reduces both mental and physical stress. This is the good stuff, just what we are looking for in a natural remedy to one of life’s age old problems. It doesn’t stop there though; the schisandra berry has been shown to improve coordination, concentration, and even endurance. Sometimes when we begin to break down the science behind ancient Chinese culture and herb usage we reach the point where the benefits are just be too good to be true, but they are true and there is a reason these powerful supplements have been used for thousands of years.

The focus of this analysis has been on the anti-anxiety and mood boosting effects surrounding the schisandra berry but the benefits do not stop there. While some may be so bold as to try the schisandra berry in its raw form others should opt to explore other options when it comes to supplementing the super fruit. Extract in powder form is the most common and easily accessible form and is what I recommend for any that may be interested in adding schisandra to your stack. As always pay attention to your body’s individual response and always read the packaging information on your particular supplement for more information on dosing.


Which Is Better For Relaxation, Phenibut or GABA?

Phenibut and GABA may sound like obscure ingredients, but rest assured these two supplements may be the answer to your everyday stress and anxiety. So, what exactly is a phenibut and what’s so great about this GABA stuff? Let’s find out.

GABArelaxation supplements

Very similar to an amino acid, GABA is the chief inhibitory transmitter in humans and plays a role in a number of things ranging from anxiety levels to muscle tone regulation. Phenibut is a derivative of the naturally occurring inhibitory transmitter GABA that crosses the blood-brain barrier and may have better results than GABA alone. Both are very similar in the benefits they provide, but different in their composition. Phenibut is the more expensive option and has consistently performed better than GABA in most research, but there is one downfall to the derivative; users build a high tolerance quickly.

While GABA may not produce as strong as an effect it has been shown to perform consistently with the same dosage over a long period of time. In contrast phenibut research tends to lean towards the notion that a tolerance can be built rather quickly towards the supplement. Additionally, increasing your phenibut dosage too rapidly to seek the results you were experiencing before can lead to health risks as well as developing an extremely high and unnatural tolerance.

Generally GABA supplements have been shown to be the safer and more consistent supplement in recent years, although the derivative phenibut has consistently outperformed its counterpart in most clinical studies. While this may lead some to jump on the phenibut train regardless of the high risk of building a strong tolerance others will choose the “slow and steady” route with GABA alone. Ultimately the choice is up to the individual and should be made with careful consideration for both the beneficial and adverse effects involved.

Phenibut’s High Bioavilibility

Unlike GABA, phenibut has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier which may be the factor that separates the two supplements in effectiveness. Because GABA is synthesized in the brain and doesn’t cross this blood-brain barrier the power of its effectiveness as an oral supplement may be limited.

Simply put, phenibut is the more effective option for relaxation when it comes to the two supplements but it does have its drawbacks. With a high risk of developing a strong tolerance it is strongly recommended that users cycle phenibut. Some even go so far as to cycle off phenibut with GABA so as to extend the calm and relaxing demeanor that can come from these two supplements.

Phenibut vs GABA

In the end the choice is yours but if I had to determine a verdict in regards to which is better for relaxation I would say start with GABA and move on to phenibut as you progress. As always pay attention to your supplements packaging for dosing information and pay attention to your bodies individual response.




Valerian Root vs Melatonin

It can be difficult in this high-stress world to find a way to wind down and relax at the end of the day.  Because of this difficulty, many people end up with poor sleep quality, stressed moods, and an overall feeling of being overwhelmed.

Luckily, there are some ways that you can take the bull by the horns and change how you relax after a hard day.  When it comes to natural relaxation and sleep aids there are two supplements that stand out among the rest: valerian root and melatonin.


For starters, melatonin is a naturally-occurring hormone in all living plants and animals, although it serves a different purpose in each.

For mammals, melatonin is the hormone that, in combination with circadian rhythms, helps to regulate and normalize sleep patterns. Research has shown melatonin is beneficial not only with helping to regulate sleep but also to decrease anxiety, alleviate headaches, and more.

While melatonin is naturally produced in the human body, sometimes your melatonin levels become imbalanced so supplementating it can go a long way to improving sleep. Now let’s take a look at valerian root.

Valerian Root and High Stress

The root of the valerian plant has been supplemented for a very long time (we’re talking 16th century long time), and has served many different purposes over the years.

Today, valerian root is a common supplement for those who are looking to curb anxiety, reduce stress, and fight sleeplessness. While melatonin is a hormone found in the human body, valerian root certainly is not, therefore it works in a much different way.

Through binding with GABA (A) receptors via valerenic acid, the valerian root extract is able to exert most of its effects. While this may not mean much to you, it is important to note that valerian root is working in a synergistic manner with your brain and its constituents.

Most research involving valerian root has been focused on its ability to lower anxiety levels and it has shown that the extract does act as an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety).

In addition, research involving sleep and and lack thereof has shown to be promising but ultimately inconclusive. Interestingly enough, the most profound and conclusive effect found to stem from supplementing valerian root is its ability to induce lucid dreaming, although this study involved a rather high dosage.

Sleep and relaxation supplements are not by any means in short supply, but when it comes to natural options that have been studied and proven to be effective, melatonin and valerian root really hit the nail on the head.

The facts are there now it’s up to you to decide which one is right for you. Remember always pay attention to the packaging of your supplement for dosage instructions and make sure you always listen to your body, because if you don’t who else will?

Melatonin and Valerian Root: Where to Find the Best Quality?

Valerian Root and Melatonin are fairly common supplements and can be found at many health-food or drug stores.  Therefore, the prices are standardized in the industry.  At most, you may pay a dollar or so more from store to store.

However, quality can vary greatly.  Many less-than-ethical companies will use low quality supplements in order to boost their profit margins.  Because of this quality difference, it is important to use a supplier that features third-party testing.  Third-party testing uses an unbiased tester to assure quality and purity of supplements.  Some sites use third-party testing on some supplements but not all of them.

Melatonin vs Valerian Sources:



Relaxation Supplements: Top 5 for Sleep and Relaxation

Getting enough sleep and rest are two very important links in the chain when it comes to fitness, and too often their importance is overlooked. Some people may have trouble getting to sleep at night while others may suffer from poor time management. Simply put, recovery is just as important as nutrition or training when it comes to being the best you can be. While getting as much natural rest as possible should be your goal, sometimes you need a little push in the right direction. I’ve broken down the top 5 supplements to aid in sleep and relaxation to help you get the best recovery possible and supercharge your next workout.relaxation supplements

  1. Melatonin Benefits

    • Melatonin is a hormone secreted in the brain that regulates sleep. In two separate studies long term supplementation of melatonin has shown to decrease insomnia and regulate sleep in both older adults as well as youth. The supplementation of melatonin has not shown any side effects or symptoms of withdrawal.
    • Melatonin Dosage: Start with 500mcg (0.5mg) and work up to 3-5g, stick with lower dose if effects are strong and proceed from there.
  2. L-Theanine Benefits

    • L-Theanine is an interesting supplement that has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and reduce mental and physical stress. In one study supplementation of L-theanine was shown to reduce the subject’s heart rate and salivary immunoglobulin A (S-IgA) responses to a stress related task in comparison to a placebo control group.
    • Theanine Dosage: Start with 100mg and work your way up to 200mg according to results and personal preference.
  3. Valerian Root benefits

    • Valerian root or valeriana officinalis is an herb that is commonly found in green tea. While supplementing this herb will not put you to sleep, instead relaxation and ease of mind are more inclined to ensue. Although this herb has been used throughout history only recently have we started to understand how it works. Animal research has shown that the main benefits of valerian supplementation come from the way in which the valarenic acid in the herb interacts with the GABA receptor, binding to it and ultimately reducing anxiety levels significantly.
    • Valerian Dosage: Take 400-900 mg within two hours of going to bed.
  4. ZMA for Sleep

    • ZMA is a patented formula that contains zinc aspartate, magnesium aspartate and vitamin B-6 (which is typically pyridoxine).While ZMA is one of the least researched supplements in my top 5, there is overwhelming anecdotal evidence that suggests the formula is effective at both inducing sleep and raising testosterone levels. Magnesium has been linked to effectively inducing sleep in individuals who are deficient in the mineral according to a German study done in the 90s.
    • ZMA Dosage: Take supplement before going to bed at least two hours after your last meal. Do not take with calcium as this can block the absorption of zinc.
  5. L-Tryptophan benefits

    • Tryptophan is an essential amino acid in the human diet and is part of the 22 standard amino acids. The supplementation of tryptophan has been shown to increase sleepiness and decrease sleep latency (how long it takes for you to fall asleep) after a dose of 1 gram or more.  Contrary to popular belief, turkey does not contain a more significant amount of tryptophan than other meats and should not be seen as a source for supplementation.
    • Tryptophan Dosage: Start with 1g and work your way up to 5-15g depending on personal preference.