Nootropics: How They Benefit Mental Well-Being

Nootropics are a class of supplements or drugs that have very positive effects on the mind. The actual name comes from the Greek, meaning ‘mind turning.’ So, anyone out there who is interested in improving things like memory, mental energy, focus or even cognition might do well consider trying some of the more well-known nootropics. Many have been subjected to a growing amount of research and scientific study.mental well being

What Exactly Do Nootropics Do?

Nootropics are supplements that improve mental functions. Depending on the specific supplement, this can be anything from cognition, memory, motivation and concentration to attention and even brain energy.

These supplements are thought to work in a number of different ways. One of these methods is by altering the supply of neurochemicals within the brain. This includes neurotransmitters, enzymes and even hormones. Another method of action is thought to be improving the oxygen supply to the brain (or the efficient use of oxygen supply). In some cases, nootropics may even help to stimulate nerve growth.

Benefits to Mental Well-Being:

These supplements have seen increasing use from people across all walks of life and situations. This includes students looking for that little extra edge in studying for their tests or exams and even housewives interested in a bit more mental energy to help them get through a busy day. Executives use these supplements for better concentration and improved clarity of thought. Truck drivers use them to be able to stay alert through long hours and shifts.

When using nootropics, especially the class of substances known as racetams (probably the most common form of these supplements), many users have reported the ability to think more clearly and increased mental energy. Performing daily tasks like reading and writing becomes easier and more fluid. Other users have even reported being more aware of their surroundings and even improved memory and linguistic skills.

Types of Nootropics:

Within the last few years, many different types of nootropics have become popular. Some of these include:

  • Piracetam: This is the most common and well-studied of all the nootropics available. While it does have a long half-life it may take several weeks of daily doses before the full effects are noticed.
  • Oxiracetam: This is a bit unique in that memory enhancement is not nearly as noticeable as the improvement one should see in spatial reasoning and logic. Takes up to two weeks for full effects to become apparent.
  • Pramiracetam: This powder is a fat soluble supplement that works best for enhancing motivation and focus. It also works well for general cognitive and memory enhancement.
  • Noopept: This is the “newest” type of the racetam family of nootropic supplements. Uniquely, it does not really have any single stand out effect. Rather, it shows a number of effects from all of the other members of this family.

Bottom Line:

Nootropics could very well benefit anyone who is looking to gain that little extra edge in their work or schooling efforts. Best of all, these supplements are very effective and long lasting.


David Johnson is a freelancer with an avid interest in supplements that help relax, enhance mood, and provide cognitive enhancement. Most days he can be found researching innovative ways to bring his readers sounder sleep, better moods, and more.