5 HTP Review for Relaxation and Mood Support

5-HTP (Griffonia Seed Extract)

Do you experience high levels of stress on a day to day basis? Does your busy schedule, demanding job, or the pressure of daily living perpetually keep you in poor spirits? Do you find it hard to relax after a long day? If you said yes to these questions, you may be suffering from depression or anxiety, which contribute to mood swings and insomnia. In this instance, a supplement of Griffonia Seed Extract, more commonly known as 5-HTP, can help to improve your mood and bring you the relaxation that you deserve in a safe and natural way.relaxation and mood support

What is 5-HTP?

5-HTP is a naturally occurring amino acid derived from the seed of the wooly shrub Griffonia simplicifolia [1]. Griffonia plants are indigenous to regions in West and Central Africa. The 5-HTP organic compound is essential to the body’s creation of the mood and health enhancing compounds melatonin and serotonin [3]. 5-HTP works with the essential amino acid tryptophan to create these compounds through a process called metabolization [2]. This supplement easily crosses the blood -brain barrier unlike other naturally occurring compounds. This attribute is what makes 5-HTP an effective solution to different obstacles by simply enabling the brain to create increased amounts of these beneficial compounds.

5-HTP  for Mood and Relaxation

Because 5-HTP has been shown to increase the body’s production of serotonin, studies indicate the supplement has benefits outside simply curing insomnia. When 5-HTP metabolizes and subsequently releases serotonin and melatonin, the compounds are directed to different systems of the body to help regulate their functions.

Through the use of a 5-HTP< supplement, melatonin levels increase to help regulate the circadian rhythms, the sleep-to-wake cycle, of humans. Other studies have shown that many individuals who suffer from mood swings and mood disorders such as bipolar disorder, seasonal affective disorder, and depression benefit from increased melatonin due to 5-HTP. Other functions of melatonin include:

  • Treatment for those with severe headaches
  • Functions as a powerful antioxidant
  • Metabolism and weight control
  • Possible beneficial properties in the battle against Alzheimer’s [4]

Studies indicate low levels of serotonin are linked directly to anxiety and depression [5], two things closely associated with a heavy workload and the ever increasing demands of life.  The increased production of serotonin with a 5-HTP supplement counteracts the effects of depression and mood swings by better transmitting and relaying messages between nerve cells. The improved nerve cell communication contributes to the following:

  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Increased attention/alertness
  • Memory
  • Regulate digestive processes
  • Improved mood


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David Johnson is a freelancer with an avid interest in supplements that help relax, enhance mood, and provide cognitive enhancement. Most days he can be found researching innovative ways to bring his readers sounder sleep, better moods, and more.