Where to Buy Phenibut Powder Since Amazon No Longer Carries It

From time to time, and for seemingly mysterious reasons, Amazon.com will stop carrying supplement products. Sometimes they claim to be submitting the supplements for additional testing, other times these problems are caused by an issue in the supply chain. Unfortunately with such a large company, it’s often more cost effective to just drop a product if they are still selling other supplements that they deem similar enough.

phenibut structure

Phenibut structure

This happened in late 2012 with the nootropic piracetam and most recently with phenibut, a popular nootropic for reducing anxiety and promoting calmness. Will they bring either of these supplements back? At this point the answer is still unclear.

Rumors tend to swirl when this kind of thing happens, for instance when piracetam was pulled, questions exploded across the internet about the future of the product as a whole; was this a precursor to a shutdown of all the racetams?

Fortunately, that was not the case and it doesn’t appear to be the case with Phenibut either. Both of these supplements are still available from many reputable sites for comparable (and sometimes even lower) prices. If you have previously bought your phenibut from Amazon, there are two things you need to keep in mind.

First, it’s not the end of phenibut! There are still plenty of places to find it. Which of course means that, secondly, there are other phenibut sources out there. Some of which can be an even better value than those purchased on Amazon.

Where To Buy Phenibut Online

Where to Buy Phenibut Since Amazon Stopped Carrying IT

Amazon may have stopped carrying Phenibut, but you can buy Phenibut from these trusted retailers.

What follows is a list of three good sources for phenibut following the Amazon ban. They’re all decent, but as you might be able to tell from some slight bias early, one does stands out among this sampling.

Phenibut Powder from Hard Rhino

First of all we have HardRhino.com, which carries phenibut in a variety of sizes. The standard 100g in a bulk shipment bag will cost you $25.80. Not really an unreasonable price, but you can do better.

Liftmode Phenibut Powder

A second possible source is Liftmode.com. Liftmode is becoming a more popular option for supplements and compared to HardRhino.com it’s a slightly cheaper option. Priced at $24.88 for 100g in a plastic tub, rather than a bag. Again, it’s not a bad choice, but you always have to save the best for last, right?

Buy Phenibut Powder from Powder City (Best Deal)

The third, and most cost effective option that I found is from PowderCity.com. Here is a comparison graphic that I made to show you how dramatic the difference is.

Buy Phenibut Online

100g for $21.25 is definitely the best price that I found while looking through quite a number of supplement sites.

Plus, something that really makes PowderCity.com unique is their commitment to third party testing, which is important when you’re thinking of taking a supplement that impacts the brain. Many other sites seem to just be selling the products as is, but Powder City has a third party testing policy that adds an extra level of security to their products which I can definitely respect.

You also get options for packaging which is pretty useful too. There are two options for ordering phenibut through Powder City. The first is a 100g bag for $21.25. This is by far the least expensive option, and, with the third party testing, there’s no risk of an inferior product.

They also offer a 100g tub if you  aren’t fond of bulk bags. At $22.79, it’s $1.54 more than the 100g bag, but still less expensive than the other options. There are also frequent promotions and opportunities to save on shipping, again making them my go-to source for phenibut and all types of other supplements.

Easy Mood Fixes

ways to boost moodAnyone who is suffering from a poor mood knows that it cannot be beaten simply from sheer willpower. To solve this mood problem, you could use some mood boosters, or some interesting tricks and techniques. These techniques become like a positive feedback loop, making it easier to continue improving one’s mood and outlook on things.

Change Your Focus:

Find something that you do on a regular basis and then just simply change your focus. A good example is going on a run or walk. Instead of allowing your mind to wander and think about problems, stresses, and other issues, focus on some task. This focus could be as simple as listening to the sound made by your feet as they hit the pavement. Or, count the number of people you pass. The idea to focus the mind on something not related to problems. It is called mindful engagement and can work wonders for improving the mood.

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