Galantamine Supplements for Better Sleep


Galantamine is a powerful and effective nootropic supplement. It has been consistently used to help improve memory and overall cognitive function. Beyond these effects, however, more and more users are considering this supplement for its positive sleep effects.


Galantamine is extracted from the flowers of the Galanthus Caucasius plant or synthetically created. Either way, thisgalantamine promotes healthy sleepsupplement is believed to work by inhibiting the Acetylcholinesterase system within the brain. Essentially, this inhibiting tends to increase the level of key neurotransmitters within the brain. These neurotransmitters are highly involved in a number of memory, learning, and other key cognitive processes.

Sleep Better with a Galantamine Supplement:

Galantamine’s method of action is considered to be inhibitory, so it limits the number of neurons which are firing within the brain. This limitation also induces a feeling of relaxation and possibly even overall wellbeing in certain situations. Both of these effects ultimately lead to a person being able to better relax and fall asleep. Once asleep, you will be much more likely to remain asleep for the entire night and have restful and fulfilling sleep.

Galantamine for Lucid Dreaming:

Another interesting effect of Galantamine is the inducement of what are known as lucid dreams. A lucid dream is a type of dream where the dreamer actually realizes that he is dreaming and is able to control the process. The entire experience becomes very vivid and alive. This is actually the most popular supplement used to help promote this type of dreaming.

The reason why Galantamine works for lucid dreaming is because it inhibits the breakdown of Acetylcholine, which is primarily responsible for promoting REM sleep. Taking Galantamine actually leads to longer and more intense REM sleep, which is the stage in which dreaming occurs. Of course, in order to do this properly, the supplement must be taken mid-way through the night, usually after an initial 4 hours or so of deep sleep.

Galantamine Side Effects:

This supplement is generally tolerated. However, on occasion there may be some mild side effects. These effects usually include intestinal discomfort, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain. These are normally only seen in high doses. Typical fixes include reducing the dosage to the recommended level or discontinuation for a few days.

Galantamine Supplement Dosage:

There really is no recommended dose at this point. Some people will respond to as little as 4mg every other day. As always, start with a lower dose and only increase as needed.

Picamilon VS Phenibut: Dosage Benefits and Side Effects Reviewed

Finding the correct phenibut dosage is key for anxiety relief

Stress is a part of everyday life.  It can fuel productivity and in many ways is a natural part of the world.  However, sometimes stress can become overwhelming and hard to deal with.  After a long day at school or work, it isn’t always possible to relax what with worries about what the next day will bring.

Luckily, for those of us who experience excessive stress, there are a few supplements that may be able to help.  Read on to learn more about Picamilon’s and Phenibut’s stress relieving properties.

Phenibut Review

Phenibut is a derivative of the neurotransmitter GABA. It is able to cross the blood-brain barrier and as a result is fast acting. GABA is the primary inhibitory chemical within the brain and is noted for having both anti-anxiety and nootropic properties.

One of the main benefits and chief uses of Phenibut powder is to help reduce anxiety. When combined with other Nootropic supplements, this effect can be amplified.

There is also some evidence that Phenibut may help to protect neurons from low oxygen levels and even help to stimulate the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine.

Speaking of these Nootropic benefits, it appears that Phenibut may also result in increased attention, focus, and concentration. Phenibut is also helpful against insomnia, although some evidence suggests that this effect will wear off as a tolerance begins to build so this is a supplement that should be cycled. Most users take phenibut for three days then cycle off for two days; others simply take it every four days. This ensures that there is no tolerance build up and you can avoid any withdrawl.

Picamilon Review

Picamilon is known as a prodrug of GABA and used for a number of the same reasons as Phenibut. However, Phenibut’s mechanism of action is slightly different. What happens is that as Phenibut crosses the blood-brain barrier, the supplement splits into GABA and niacin as a result of hydrolysis.

This leads to a decrease in anxiety (due to the GABA) and also a powerful vasodilation effect. The niacin is able to widen the blood vessels by relaxing the smooth muscle cells in arteries and larger veins. As you might expect, the anti-anxiety effect is rather significant. However, this supplement also enhances learning and memory and is probably a bit more effective than Phenibut for this purpose.

Picamilon dosage also seems to directly correlate to specific benefits. For example, when taking 50mg three times a day, most of the effects are relaxing and anti-anxiety related. However, when this is increased to 100mg three times a day, nutritional stimulation and increased endurance occur, which is excellent news for bodybuilders and weight lifters.

Picamilon Dosage

When cycling any supplement into your diet, it is important to start with the smallest effective dose possible, so that you can gauge your body’s reaction and adjust accordingly. Typically, people who supplement Picamilon use anywhere from 50-300 mg per day split over several administrations. Most often, people prefer to split the administrations into a morning and an evening dose. It is best to take Picamilon on an empty stomach, and depending on your preference, you can buy it in powder or encapsulated form. The effects last anywhere from 2-4 hours, but it has been shown that Kava and Valerian have the potential to increase these effects.

Phenibut Dosage

The recommended Phenibut dose is 250mg. Phenibut should only be used as needed since this supplement can be addictive. If taking phenibut regularly, some withdrawal side effects may occur upon ceasing supplementation.

How to Find the Best Price

I spent a few minutes trawling the web to find the best prices for Picamilon and Phenibut from some of the largest supplement suppliers.  Below are my findings.


Harvest Moon: $35.99 for 18g (150mg capsules, 120 ct)


Hard Rhino: $29.99 for 125g
Biovea: $31.95 for 22.5g (250mg capsules, 90 ct)

Price obviously speaks for itself, but you should also concern yourself with quality as well. You don’t want to buy something just to discover it’s full of fillers.

Picamilon and Phenibut Final Review

If you are just looking for something to help with anxiety, then either of these would work. Try both and see which is more effective. On the other hand, if you would like something to help build more endurance and muscle, then Picamilon would be a nice option.

NALT for Energy and Alertness

NALT Overview:

With many studies showing that the majority of Americans are overworked, a number of people would welcome something that helps increase energy levels. Of course, it is also important to use only all-natural sources that are completely safe. NALT shows promise in the energy arena. But what exactly is NALT and how does it work? What benefits are offered?


The official name of NALT is N Acetyl L-Tyrosine. It is an all-natural derivative of L-Tyrosine, a non-essential aminoNALT for energy and alertnessacid. This substance is made from Phenylethylamine or PEA. Interestingly enough, PEA is another closely-related amino acid. Tyrosine is also found in a number of foods including meat, fish, eggs, nuts, beans, wheat, oats, and dairy products.

How does NALT Work?

As an energy booster, NALT works by helping to produce two powerful brain chemicals, noradrenaline and dopamine. These chemicals are primarily responsible for mood and movement. This effect helps users to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety as well as improving mood and induces a feeling of general well-being.

Many studies have also indicated that NALT result in an increase in excitement. Neural receptors within the brain are either inhibitory (reducing activity) or excitatory (increasing activity). Those which increase activity, such as those affected by NALT, are usually responsible for improving energy, alertness, mental energy, and improving mood.

NALT Additional Benefits

In addition to helping to boost mood and energy levels, NALT has evidence to support that it may increase focus and concentration. It may even help to release a hormone in the stomach that has been shown to be helpful at controlling appetite. This release could be great help for those looking to diet more effectively or better control their weight.

Several studies have also shown NALT to be effective at increasing blood flow and improving circulation in the body. These benefits may also lead to a reduction in blood pressure, especially for those who are already experiencing periods of high stress.

This supplement is also very fast-acting and capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier. Evidence also supports that it may have an effect on improving memory and general cognition. There are even some researchers who feel this supplement might also act as an antioxidant and potentially help to protect neurons within the brain.

NALT Dosage

The recommended dosage for NALT is 350 mg about 30-45 minutes before any acute stressor like exercise.

DMAE to Boost Mood


DMAE is also known by its chemical name, dimethylaminoethanol bitartrate. It is a natural compound that has many uses including skin care and as a dietary supplement and nootropic. As a supplement, it is essential to the production of acetylcholine, a powerful brain chemical that helps nerve cells transmit signals and communicate with one another. What is DMAE and how does it help to boost mood? Are there additional benefits of taking a DMAE supplement?dmae boosts mood

DMAE Benefits:

DMAE is normally found in small amounts in the brain already. This important supplement has numerous benefits including the ability to help boost mood, improve intelligence, and even improve memory and learning. Research has also shown this supplement has the ability to stabilize and prevent the uncontrolled leakage of key enzymes within cells. More specifically, many researchers consider this type of enzymatic leakage to be a main trigger for aging as well as damage to connective tissues.

Most of the aforementioned benefits are explained by the effect that DMAE has on acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is one of the most powerful brain neurotransmitters. Once ingested, the DMAE supplement enters the bloodstream and begins the process of converting into this neurotransmitter. This transformation in turn helps to create or support many of the cognitive benefits listed above.

How DMAE Bitartrate Helps Boost Mood:

With an increase in the production of acetylcholine, mood is improved. This chemical is considered to be an excitatory neurotransmitter, making brain cells and neurons fire off rapidly. In other words, it is stimulatory and helps to make you feel good. This is especially true considering that the major parts of the brain affected by acetylcholine direct mood and movement. DMAE should also help to reduce any feelings of stress, nervousness, or irritability.

Another interesting fact about DMAE is that it is involved in the production and conservation of energy. Every time we move or contract a muscle, we use a little bit of DMAE. Supplementation actually helps to boost our energy levels without taxing the metabolism and this helps to improve or promote a feeling of general wellbeing.

DMAE Dosage:

While there is not any recommended dosage for DMAE, most experts agree that a good range to follow is between 100 and 300 mg per day.

NEWtrition 5-HTP Capsules vs. NEWtrition Melatonin Capsules


Both 5-HTP and melatonin are known for helping in the areas of relaxation, mood, and anxiety. Anyone who is having trouble sleeping, relaxing, suffering from an inordinate amount of stress or anxiety, or even having struggles with mild depression has probably considered taking one of these supplements. NEWtrition is one of the leading providers of high quality 5-HTP and melatonin. But which product is best for each purpose? Could it be possible that these supplements may even be more effective when taken together as part of a stack?

NEWtrition 5-HTP Capsules Review:

5-HTP is an amino acid that can be found in the seeds of a woody climbing shrub native to West Africa (the Griffonia simplicifolia plant). It is also found in a number of foods like turkey, milk, potatoes, and pumpkin. It is thought to work by crossing the blood-brain barrier, where it is then converted into the neurotransmitter serotonin.supplements for relaxation

The increase in the release of serotonin is primarily responsible for most of the effects of 5-HTP. This is why the supplement is thought to be effective or at least helpful to issues as far ranging as obesity, PMS, migraines, anxiety, mild depression, and possibly even some types of addictive behavior.

NEWtrition Melatonin Capsules Review:

Melatonin is thought to be effective at restoring the natural circadian rhythms of the body. There is also evidence to suggest that it helps to regulate other hormones, including control of the timing and release of female reproductive hormones. This means that someone who works irregular hours or travels frequently and experiences jet lag could benefit from taking a melatonin supplement.

This supplement also has a number of additional common uses. It may help with anxiety, ADHD, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, and even menopausal symptoms. There is even some evidence to suggest that it can help to reduce the effect of sunburn.

Overall Impressions:

5-HTP is an amino acid and melatonin is a hormone. However, there do seem to be similar crossover effects and benefits. For example, both supplements are used for help with anxiety, ADHD, depression, fibromyalgia symptoms, and frequent headaches. On the other hand, melatonin also seems to be more effective at helping to restore normal sleep patterns.

Ultimately, the supplement that you should take depends on your particular situation. If you are simply looking to help restore normal sleep patterns, then melatonin is best. On the other hand, if you are looking for extra support to help with stress, anxiety, and even a combination of issues, you should consider using both as a stack.

A Beginner’s List of Relaxation Supplements


In this always-on-the-go world, relaxation seems like a pipedream. High levels of stress can lead to issues like anxiety and insomnia. Fortunately, there are a number of natural products and supplements that can help aid in relaxation which in turn will make it easier to fall asleep. Since being able to relax and to sleep is extremely beneficial to overall health and well-being, why not consider some of these all-natural supplements?relaxation supplements


Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) is an amino acid that is produced in the brain from glutamate (another amino acid) and thiamine (vitamin B6). Generally, people who are having difficulty resting and sleeping have an over-active or “excited” brain. GABA acts as the chief inhibitory neurotransmitter in the body, meaning that it helps to reduce this excitability. There are a number of other benefits to this supplement including support for muscle-building chemicals.

Valerian Root:

Valerian root is a perennial herb that acts as a non-addictive natural sedative. This supplement also helps to support a healthy neurotransmitter balance. Clinical research has shown valerian root to have a number of benefits including the ability to reduce nervousness, tension, and anxiety. Valerian root may also be able to help alleviate mild to moderate mood swings and insomnia. For some users, valerian root requires 10 to 15 days of continued use before noticeable effects occur.


The main benefit of 5-HTP supplementation is an increased production of serotonin. This occurs both in the brain and the liver. Since serotonin is reported to have a wide range of effects on the brain, 5-HTP is often used to help deal with addictive behavior, anxiety, mild depression, and relaxation/sleep issues. It is thought that stress and poor-eating habits actually cause the body to release higher levels of serotonin. Supplementation with 5-HTP can help to restore a healthy balance, allowing the body to more easily relax.


Melatonin has long been thought to be one of the most effective supplements for sleep and relaxation. Melatonin plays a vital role in controlling and restoring the natural circadian rhythms of the body. Many people who are engaged in stressful work or who have irregular schedules find that this supplement helps to induce relaxation and improve sleeping patterns.

A Review of the Benefits of Sleep Aid RX

sleep aid rx for restful sleep

Are you suffering from poor sleeping patterns? This could be due to a number of reasons including too much stress, poor diet, not enough exercise, or a number of other factors. Even if someone is experiencing a fair amount of anxiety, this can certainly affect sleep. Many people these days also have difficulty ‘unwinding’ or a relaxing after a long day, which means they do not get as much sleep as they need. Sleep Aid RX may be an all-natural solution to help you relax and sleep better.

What is Included in Sleep Aid RX?

Sleep Aid RX is a proprietary formulation of all-natural ingredients. These include Lemon Balm, Passion Flower, Melatonin, Valerian Root, and GABA. Each of these substances by themselves has been shown to have some excellent sleep aid properties. Taken together there is some evidence to suggest that it might have a synergistic effect, acting stronger together than they would individually.

Lemon Balm Benefits

Lemon Balm has been used medicinally for over 2,000 years, going all the way back to the ancient Greeks. It is believed to help soothe tension and even may have some effects on symptoms normally associated with mood disorders. In some parts of the world, notably Europe, it has been used as for anxiety and insomnia. There is evidence to suggest that it helps people relax, fall asleep faster, and ease sleep disorders.

Passion Flower

This substance is a plant native to the southeast and midwestern portions of North America. It has been used as a folk remedy to help alleviate anxiety for a number of years. There are also some studies which indicate the flower might also have aphrodisiac properties. Users do report that this supplement has helped reduce their restlessness, anxiety, and nervousness. An unexpected additional benefit is that Passion Flower also seems to have mild anti-cough properties. This would almost certainly help someone who was experiencing sleep problems and a mild cold at the same time.

Melatonin Benefits

As a precursor to the powerful hormone serotonin Melatonin is one of the most common sleep aid supplements. There is a lot of scientific research indicating that it helps to reduce anxiety and can exert a calming effect on the body. It is also believed helpful in restoring balance to the natural circadian rhythms, which will benefit those people who have irregular schedules and are often needing to be awake at night.

Valerian Root

This is an interesting ingredient that actually helps out all of the others. For starters, it is believed to increase the level of circulating GABA, helping the brain to sort of ‘turn off’ and relax. Additionally, it will not cause grogginess in the morning.

This product should be considered by anyone with sleep issues. Given all of the powerful (yet still natural) ingredients, Sleep Aid RX has the very real potential to give you back the ability to get a good night’s sleep once again.

Synergistic Effects of DMAE and Alpha-GPC

In the supplement world today we are constantly introduced to new compounds and research that provide evidence that suggests certain supplements are best when paired with others. In fact, some supplements require the aid of another synergistic ingredient to have any significant effect at all. One such synergistic relationship that is being talked about in many circles today is the combination of DMAE and alpha-GPC. The synergistic effects of this pair have been linked to an improved state of mood, improved focus, attention, mental energy, and mental clarity. With that said let’s take a look at both supplements individually and break down just what it is that makes this combination so great.

DMAE Benefitssynergy of nootropics

Abbreviated DMAE, dimethylethanolamine is a transparent, pale-yellow liquid that has many health benefits as a standalone supplement. A study conducted in 2003 by German scientists looked at the efficacy of DMAE in increasing vigilance and alertness in addition to having a positive influence on mood. The study concluded that supplementation of DMAE does result in a psychological state of better feeling of well being  this conclusion is supported by both a subject mood analysis and the monitoring of electrical patterns in the subjects brain activity. Known as a “mind-health” compound this supplement acts an ant-aging device in that it reduces the buildup of what is known as the “age pigment”, a substance that is involved with cognitive impairment and decline with age. As if that wasn’t enough, DMAE has the ability to act as an anti-oxidant in the body protecting neurons and cells from certain types of oxidation.

Alpha GPC Benefits

L-alpha-glycerophosphocholin, or alpha-GPC for short, is a cholinergic compound that is an easy to absorb source of dietary choline. Alpha-GPC is known for its ability to increase physical output and cognition. Although alpha-GPC is found naturally in the brain and in milk, the compound is available as a nootropic dietary supplement. Research identifying the physical benefits that come with supplementation of alpha-GPC is published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition; the results conclude that a dose 45 minutes prior to a training session resulted in an increase of post-exercise serum GH and peak bench press power. As for an increase in cognition, alpha-GPC works as a cognitive stimulatory agent through increasing the activity of protein Kinase C in neurons. You can buy alpha-GPC here.

DMAE and Alpha GPC Dosage

With the facts before you it is not hard to draw your own conclusions as to how these two supplements can work together to create unique health and wellness benefits. The compounds have a very beneficial synergistic relationship in that they are able to enhance and prolong the benefits that come with supplementation. It is important to note that these compounds are classified as nootropics, meaning dosage and supplementation is an important piece of the puzzle. I would recommend a dose of 300-600mg for alpha-GPC and DMAE dosage should start around 200mg while working up to but not exceeding 700mg. As always one should be attentive to his/her own personal response to any supplement and adhere to the dosage information provided on your products packaging/label.


Glutamine for Energy

Whether you wake up every morning to a 5k run or if you find it harder and harder to get out of the bed in the morning everyone can benefit from an increase in energy. It may mean the difference between finishing that last set; it could mean getting that report in to your boss earlier than usual. If you find yourself suffering from a lack of energy in your day to day life or if you just want an extra boost to increase your fitness results then look no further. Glutamine supplementation is a healthy and natural method of increasing your overall energy levels, read on to get the full scoop.glutamine for energy

What is Glutamine?

Glutamine is one of the 20 naturally occurring amino acids existing in nutritional protein. It is considered a conditionally essential amino acid in that it becomes essential during bouts of intense endurance exercise or physical trauma. Additionally, in humans, glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid.

In summary glutamine is a form of an amino acid supplement that is non-stimulatory and provides a number of health benefits when supplemented correctly, particularly in those who may have a deficiency (of glutamine) and/or those who exercise regularly. Glutamine is sold as a stand-alone supplement, can be found in high levels in whey/casein protein and can also be found in different meats and eggs.

Functions of Glutamine

Glutamine as a supplement plays a key role in a variety of biomechanical functions including: protein synthesis (all 20 proteinogenic amino acids do this), regulation of acid-base balance in the kidneys (produces ammonium), cellular energy (what we’re after!), nitrogen donation for anabolic processes (more energy), carbon donation for citric acid cycle (even more energy), and the nontoxic transportation of ammonia .

Benefits of Supplementing Glutamine

The benefits of glutamine supplementation have a wide range of impact in the human body. What we want to focus on is how glutamine can help support a healthy and consistent increase in overall energy. This is achieved due to the fact that glutamine is the primary transporter of nitrogen for your muscle cells, meaning an increase in glutamine – specifically when levels are depleted through training – can help to return that energy lost. You may be familiar with the notion that the recovery process is one of the most important factors in making real and consistent progression; therefore through the use of glutamine we can give ourselves an important advantage that allows us to recharge more rapidly and increase overall output.

Glutamine Dosage

As with all supplements, dosage should be based on a combination of high attentiveness to your body’s personal response and the adherence to the information/warnings included with your products packaging. Standard adult dosage ranges from 5g -30g and is typically broken up into several smaller doses throughout the course of the day. If you are looking for a supplement to support an increase in overall energy levels, or are just focused on recovering as fast as possible so you can get back in the gym, glutamine supplementation is a great option that is hard to ignore.